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Витас Мама

by: zypher005 Duration: 05:38

Витас МамаEnglish lyrics source: http://www.vitasusa.com/Mother (Mama)I can hardly put into wordsThose feelings rooted deep in my soulHow can I explain it? At nightsI stay awake because of haunting thoughtsIt's you, mum, I recall again and againMy dear, my sweet one, please forgive meFor I've always been so stubbornHave been searching for hard waysForgive me, my dear, for parting with youFor my occasional lettersIn my thoughts I kiss your handAnd your tightly pressed lipsI often cry when I rememberHow I used to hurt you at timesForgive me, my dear!Forgive me with love for the last timeHow much I failed to understand...And I still have to understand so much!It seems that I loved too littleIf I failed to experience love...