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Adele Skyfall Cover by Mariangeli Lyrics Urdu Subtitles James Bond Theme Song

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Classic Music Decades 1960-90 & BeyondIf you haven't heard an angel singing, then witness MariAngeli HitStreak singing cover song for the melody queen Adele's Skyfall song. Sky has Fallen thrice at SKYFALL Logde, Glen Coe, Scotland, the ancestral place of Ian Fleming's character James Bond since his forefathers times. First is the release of James Bond series 50th anniversary film SKYFALL (1962-2012) and second is the James Bond theme song by melody queen Adele under the same title SKYFALL at it's golden jubilee release, while third is of course when it was attacked by James Bond film villain and crumbled to ashes but villain was reached his fate near the ashes of SKYFALL lodge, when James Bond hero Daniel Craig finally chased him to death in this golden jubilee release SKYFALL. Skyfall song has been appreciated worldwide & rewarded as an standalone song number copyrighted by XL Recordings, London and MGM Studios, California (rights reserved). This song was co-written by Adele with her fellow British music producer, Paul Epworth. Thousands of singers paid tribute to Adele by singing her Skyfall as cover song worldwide, including this admirable cover by 9 year old promising child singer MariAngeli from Florida at Hit Streak Studios (rights reserved) in 2013. For more information, visit Hit Streak Studios on Youtube. In this song, she seems in her best form to hit the right notes as composed by the composers with all it's true sentiments & feelings. Her innocent tribute is an honour to the hard work & achievements of celebrity Adele & James Bond film series, whereas, in return she she gets well deserved appreciation & fame worldwide. We wish her a bright career with her own great music creations in future. The subtitles translation in Urdu language is presented in versified form, keeping in view, meaning remains corresponding to the original idea in source text, as good as possible. Enjoy!This musical artwork and relevant contents thereof are owned by their respective copyright owners and intended for non commercial use only. Commercial use may require owners' prior permission. Note: In subtitles translation, some non literal meanings to the lyrics were meant to suit target language nuance and to relate the lines in lyrics with each other in more descriptive & flowing manner to elaborate author's idea plainly for target audience here. Use of translation is permitted with proper credit. Thank you.