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Alice & Tarrant || all the best people are crazy...

by: ItsJess Edits Duration: 03:22

PERFECT SONG-and literally one of my favorites. Even the fact that it's titled 'mad hatter' made me pick it xD but really, in honor of my favorite movie sequel coming out in just THREE MONTHS, have an otp video :) Literally, I remember first hearing there might be a sequel and then seeing posters online-I almost died then and there. DID YOU KNOW IN THE ORIGINAL FIRST MOVIE SCRIPT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO KISS???...TWO SEPARATE TIMES TOO! ugg, ah well, it shall forever remain in my heart. Anywhoo yeah! I had a loki and nebula video that just glitched and never made it through to fully render so maybe ill just post the preview of it that i managed. we'll see. Leave any suggestions in the comments guys!Not really a plot or anything separate from the canon movie storyline-mind the fact that alice ends up in prison with the hatter at one point, ah well. i was just messing with masks. Enjoy!