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Boney M. - Going Back West (Official Video) (VOD)

by: BoneyMVEVO Duration: 04:26

Der Auftritt von Boney M. zu „Going Back West“ bei der WDR Plattenküche 1976 Das Neuste von Boney M. gibt es hier: https://lnk.to/BoneyM Hier den Kanal abonnieren: https://www.youtube.com/user/BoneyMVEVO?sub_confirmation=1 Mehr Videos von Boney M.: Rivers Of Babylon: http://bit.ly/BoneyM_YouTube_RiversOfBabylon Ma Baker: http://bit.ly/BoneyM_YouTube_MaBaker #BoneyM #GoingBackWest #Vevo #Pop #OfficialMusicVideo_____________________________________________________I was born and raised in the ghettoTalk with me and you'll knowI wasn't satisfied, with living on the sideI started looking around, for a possibilityListen to my story, of what became of meI met a businessmanWho said he had some friends back eastSo why don't you come alongWell we can help you at leastWe'll make you into a big starBy playing your guitarBut the joke was on meThey left me flat to seeGoing back westYes I know I'll make out alrightGoing back westWhere my music's playing all nightGoing back west (going back west)I think I'll do alright