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Gangsta Rap Radio 24/7 πŸ”΄ Underground Rap & Hip Hop Live Music (Rap Party Radio)

by: Rap Party Duration: 00:00

πŸ”΄ Now listening to: Gangster Rap Radio 24/7 πŸ”΄ Underground Rap & Hip Hop Live Music (Rap Party Radio Livestream Non-Stop) - Dedicated for listening in the car while driving, studying, gaming, partying or just chillingπŸ’¬ Welcome to our 24/7 Radio!Make sure to subscribe so you get notified every time we upload or we stream!Stay tuned!βœ… Radio Spotify Playlist: https://spoti.fi/2MlrLkCπŸ’­ Check our our server's sponsor, OhBubble!https://ohbubble.comπŸ“Έ Personal Instagram: @andrei.salashttp://instagram.com/andrei.salasOn the radio we are featuring most of the rap sub genres such as Gangsta Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Chill Rap, Sad Rap, Alternative Rock Rap, Trap & Rap, etc.πŸ’Ž Follow Rap Party on Spotifyhttp://spoti.fi/2xUWgGCπ’π”πππŽπ‘π“ 𝐁𝐘 πƒπŽππ€π“πˆππ†Do you want to support Rap Party's 24/7 Live Stream Radio development? Tip us by clicking the link below and show some love! πŸ’“https://streamlabs.com/rappartyofficialπ‘π€ππŠπ’πŸ“‹ Earn your rankCommand: !rapcoinsππˆπ†π‡π“ππŽπ“ π‚πŽπŒπŒπ€ππƒπ’πŸ˜ˆ Nightbot Commands!hug!songrequest!discord!instagram!poll (!poll new *title* | *option 1* | *option 2*)!poll resultsYou can request more commands using the Song Request form, just write the commands you wish to use on any of the fields.π‘π€ππ‚πŽπˆππ’ π‚π”π‘π‘π„ππ‚π˜ π‚πŽπŒπŒπ€ππƒπ’πŸ’² RapCoins Commands (10 minutes = 10 coins)!RapCoins!gamble (amount)!rollπ’π”ππŒπˆπ“ π˜πŽπ”π‘ π…π€π•πŽπ‘πˆπ“π„ πŒπ”π’πˆπ‚βž‘οΈ Submit a track for the live radio: http://bit.ly/RapSubmissionπ…πŽπ‹π‹πŽπ– 𝐑𝐀𝐏 ππ€π‘π“π˜ πŸ’¬ Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/RUf5c6yπŸ“» Rap Partyhttp://www.youtube.com/c/RapPartyOfficial https://soundcloud.com/rappartyhttps://www.instagram.com/rapparty/http://spoti.fi/2xUWgGCπŸ“· Thumbnail by Unknownπ‚πŽππ˜π‘πˆπ†π‡π“ If you need your track/picture/video removed from the channel, please email us at [email protected] There is no need to strike the video when you can get it deleted in no time.