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Humpty Dumpty | BST Kids Nursery Rhymes

This hilarious version of Humpty dumpty poem in English is sure going to bring giggles to your wee one's face!! So many chucklesome moments are tightly packed in this video to delight your kids!! They will love the Silly Humpty Dumpty who jumps into problems every time he hangs out with little Johny and friends! In this Humpty dumpty nursery rhyme, a little rabbit and a cute rat also join the fun gang!! See how brilliantly the concepts of humor and compassion are blended in this 3D animation video. The picturesque castle, charming meadows, cute horses and adorable kings men, etc. are all featured exquisitely in this 3D animation video.Subscribe Billion Surprise Toys Now! for more sing along songs, Nursery rhymes & Kids Songs.https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRx3mKNUdl8QE06nEug7p6QWe #BSTKids produces short fun stories, rhymes and songs for children. .#songsforkids #sing-along #NurseryRhymes #childrensongs