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Jet Set Radio HD - Love Trap

by: Saestrol Duration: 08:03

This stage tends to be one of the harder ones when you're starting out. This time you have Onishima and even the Swat team to worry about. It doesn't stop there...Stage: Love TrapTime: 800 seconds (13 minutes, 20 seconds)Tags: 5 Small + 6 Green, 4 Large, 4 X-LargeScore: 45,000 or 50,000 points to Jet!Swat Team Trigger: 5 Red Tags.The main issue with this stage is that Onishima is patrolling around the bridges in the Park Street area. Tag him to keep him still for quite some time. Meanwhile, you really want to take care of the wall tags at the back of the stage first to make you life easier.The Swat Team shoots tear gas and the shots can dispense randomly around you, making it tough to dodge. Getting hit by it slows you down while causing damage so be careful.This stage has 7 Graffiti Souls to pick up, and they are all in tough spots. I also just noticed that there are some tags available that are marked off as "B" in the Garage. Maybe bonus? I may have to investigate this...