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Nappy Roots ft. VITAS - Roll With the Beat (Official Music Video)

by: Monatomic Music Duration: 04:39

#WeirdRussianSinger #BLBLBLBL #7thElementThe legendary Russian Singer with the otherworldly voice is back with a brand new single, "Roll With The Beat". The follow up single to his global sensation, 7th Element. So, Blblblbl !Now available on all streaming platforms!Listen on Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/roll-with-the-beat-single/1434727092Listen on Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/album/3DxZGc1MeNh5ZGMpLyLJiv?si=TZRcl4zeQgyWUxTQVNppJQLike and subscribe for more Vitas!For Official Vitas Merchandise, visit www.monatomicmusic.com/collections/all Vitas is back!In The USA!With Nappy Roots!Vitas ft. Nappy Roots - Roll With the Beat (Official Music Video)www.monatomicmusic.comWRITTEN BYVitas - Pudovkin - FORD - Vidal - Deville - Scales - HubbardPRODUCED BYSergey Pudovkin and The Functioning Rock-A-Holicsfor FORD Productions, Atlanta GAwww.fordproductions.comMastering By:Mix Mike Pritchardbooking contact [email protected]