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by: NECRO VIDEO Duration: 04:48

Three hardcore east coast underground hip hop indie independent rap god legends on the same track, Necro (Brooklyn, New York), Vinnie Paz (Philly, Philadelphia), Immortal Technique (Harlem, New York) rapping/rhyming violent/political/conscious lyrics over Necro’s beat (hip hop instrumental), a dark evil production jazz boom bap piano style track. Add this song to your playlist please!SUBSCRIBE TO NECRO'S YOUTUBE http://hyperurl.co/390gngCHECK OUT NECRO ON SPOTIFY - FOLLOW PLAYLISTS http://hyperurl.co/7q1i36CHECK OUT NECRO'S ENTIRE CATALOG ON ITUNES & APPLE MUSIC http://hyperurl.co/3ys12eAMAZON http://hyperurl.co/4porinGOOGLE PLAY http://hyperurl.co/e1qn6zRHAPSODY http://smarturl.it/91hqiqSOUNDCLOUD http://smarturl.it/7xi00cPANDORA http://hyperurl.co/aqdj76This track features scratching DJ cuts by DJ Kwestion, with samples/scratches of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, Hit Squad’s Das EFX, Big Daddy Kane, Rhyme Syndicate/$yndicate’s Ice-T from his song Colors about LA/Los Angeles street gang culture, Queenbridge Nas’s song Represent from Illmatic, Rakim of Eric B. & Rakim, Flipmode Squad/The Conglomerate’s Busta Rhymes on the hook/chorus.NECRO STORE http://smarturl.it/ltsf82FACEBOOK http://smarturl.it/j3nlp7INSTAGRAM http://smarturl.it/x55v7lTWITTER http://smarturl.it/cn6o7bNECRO OFFICIAL SITE http://smarturl.it/xcfeiuNecro’s verse references The Hyphy Movement, disses Soulja Boy while paying homage to Ice-T, talks about shooting up Commercial Rap/Hip hop for disrespecting DJ Kool Herc (The originator of Hip Hop Music) & selling out the culture. He then says that he has no problem battling Jay Z, suburban children should study the history of Hip Hop before claiming it, and compares his hustle/grind to that of Def Jam’s Russell Simmons & No Limit’s Master P.Vinnie Paz’s verse references the extreme Death metal band Carcass while explaining how he is an old school head. He then tells the listener how Necro, himself & Immortal Technique are the hardest rappers alive, and everyone else is biters. Vinnie then ends his verse off referencing the Amadou Diallo shooting where four New York City Police officers/cops shot 19 bullets into him in the Soundview section of The Bronx in 1999.VINNIE YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/jmthiphopVINNIE TWITTER https://twitter.com/vinnie_pazVINNIE FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/vinniepazVINNIE INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/boxcutterpazzyImmortal Technique’s verse drops a whole spectrum of knowledge, with him explaining he is immune to the Ebola virus at the start of his verse. Alot of his verse can be open to interpretation with lines about science, politics & America rubbing it’s pussy to dead children. He says that you are brainwashed by cable TV, not smart enough to solve your own problems because you lack the knowledge, while the government officials are not even humans. He speaks on the government & media’s views of Hip Hop culture with disdain ending the verse off with a threat to crack you with a Blackjack weapon. TECH TWITTER https://twitter.com/ImmortalTechTECH FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/TechImmortalTECH INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/techimmortalThe video was directed by Tom Vujcic of Reel Wolf Productions shot in Times Square, NYC/New York City & Toronto, Canada. It features images of Graffiti pieces, burners, spray cans, Breakdancing/B-boying/Breaking/Headspins & a DJ with two turntables Technics 1200’s cutting/scratching wax. The single cover artwork is influenced by old Blaxploitation movie artwork from the 1970’s.The first single off Necro's upcoming studio album titled, "KILLaborations", an entire album of collaborations all requested by Necromaniacs, set to drop soonProduced by NecroCuts by DJ KwestionMixed by Elliott Thomas for Pubic Hairs Everywhere ProductionsDirected/Edited by: Tom Vujcic Executive Producer: NecroProduction Manager: Lukasz FurczonCinematography: Delaney SirenKey Grip: Amir RadiProduction Assistants: Kevan Browne, Julien Dos Santos & RyanFitzmauriceVFX Artist: Dave CadizGraffiti Artist: Kismet32Video DJ: DJ ChinoBooking: [email protected]: necrohiphopBandcamp http://smarturl.it/ahercaGoogle+ http://hyperurl.co/fm1j6hLinkedin http://hyperurl.co/fkkgqgVimeo http://smarturl.it/yquj9pNecro Forum http://smarturl.it/qvy8qdPatreon http://smarturl.it/8lerumAsk.fm http://smarturl.it/gfqkqvPsycho+Logical-Records 2015