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Shazam Pour Pc Et Mac download - Shazam for PC [v2.5 2013]

by: Shazam Pour Pc Duration: 00:25

Shazam pour PC et Mac; Until now there wasn't a version that worked of Shazam for PC.http://bit.ly/ShazamForPc We finally managed to get it and we'll happily share it with you!This version of Shazam works on Windows XP, Vista, and 7 and also on all versions of Mac OS.All you have to do is download shazam, plugin the microphone and recognize the song!To download Shazam for PC click the link below.http://shazamforpc.blogspot.com/Extra tags:"shazam for pc""shazam pour pc""shazam windows xp""shazam windows 7""shazam pour ordinateur"http://youtu.be/iBH1ROmWw0U